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Why Cycle for Charvat?

Every year over 70,000 young adults are diagnosed with cancer; that's approximately one every eight minutes. Most charitable organizations target young children as their recipients for funds to assist with the treatments but many times young adults are left in a somewhat anonymous group. The Kyle Charvat Foundation, formed in 2006, is named after a courageous young man who, at age 19, was diagnosed with brain cancer and experienced this "no man's land" of being a college student with life-threatening illness.

Kyle, who refused to succumb to his terminal prognosis, dove into conventional cancer treatment with the same good humor and charisma that he had carried with him his entire life. After conventional treatments failed, Kyle found a clinical trial in Houston that he was eligible for. Despite the fact that the trial would extend Kyle's life by many months his medical insurance refused to provide the necessary funding. When Kyle's family reached out to the community for help his fraternity brothers, the gentlemen of Theta Chi, answered the call--raising $100,000 for his treatment. Inspired by the enthusiasm for philanthropy that developed as a result of Kyle's experience, the Kyle Charvat Foundation was created to continue his legacy and lend a helping hand to young adults who face the burdens of cancer.

We understand that not everyone has a fraternity, family, or community to help them when this unthinkable situation occurs. If someone is suffering from a life-threatening, malignant cancer and has a financial need, the Kyle Charvat Foundation can help. Anyone in the age group of 18 - 25 years old that has been diagnosed with cancer can apply for funding which can be used for treatment, medications, travel, home-care, and just about any medical need.

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