“Don’t worry guys the coast doesn’t have hills”

Day 2: Port Angeles, WA - South Beach, WA

We started off the day with plenty of groans as we discovered just how sore our legs and back were. Mama Josh blessed us with an extra hour of sleep, which worked in no way to relieve any aches and pains. We limped around the campsite, ate some oatmeal and crunchy cowboy-coffee, packed up, and left by 10 am.

Upon starting the day we were quickly greeted by mountains. 15 miles into the ride, Josh ‘accidently’ kicked his derailleur off. Tony was given the opportunity to work on his tetris skills as he maneuvered 9 peoples camping gear, food, and clothing into his little Ford Focus to make room for Josh. We often make fun of Josh’s hippy hobbies and love for organic granola but for once his slackline was useful as we used it to strap the fallen bike frame to the hood of the car. Josh was then driven to a bike shop, which somehow took 3 hours, allowing him to conveniently miss (skip) 45 miles of treacherous hills.

Josh's busted deraileur 

Josh's busted deraileur 

Tony, assuming we would need his assistance while helping Josh, left food and water 30 miles from where he picked Josh up for us. Little to Tony’s knowledge, leaving only two gallons of water for the seven thirsty riders is nowhere near enough, leaving Matt and Kyle without water. After a quick sandwich, we decided to leave from our resting place in search of a town with water. Approximately 5 miles after our stop we came across a gas station and stopped in hopes of a desperate refill. Unfortunately for us, the gas station had no minimart or hose, crushing our hopes and dreams of hydration. Before taking off, we saw a car parked near the gas station and decided to ask the man inside where the next town was. We told him about our ride, our foundation, and our desperate need for water, and he pointed us in the right direction and gave us all the water bottles and gatorade he had in his car, reminding us of the true hospitality and benevolence of the people around us.

Just before leaving, our fearless leader Josh was finally reunited with us. We took off from the gas station and began to pick up some speed. Around 10 minutes later, John requested a bathroom break and we all began to fear for his prostate health as he broke double digit pee breaks before 2 pm. Breaks every 5 miles for John’s dysfunctional bladder became routine for us.

The final stretch of the ride was tough for all of us as fatigue began setting in. Our beloved Philanthropy Chair was dry heaving while powering up a hill, refusing to stop for a break. The only time he took a break was when he got off his bike to literally pass out on the side of the road. This shockingly may or may not have something to do with him refusing to eat all day. As we rode into the campsite David was so exhausted that he fell over trying to get off his bike in the middle of a crowd of geriatric RV owners. Falling while getting off a bike when you don’t use clip in pedals is a true feat of athleticism, congratulations David.

Beautiful view from our campsite

Beautiful view from our campsite

Owing to the fact that we started late we didn’t have much time before the sun fully set but we enjoyed the beautiful view of the ocean as we looked out over the cliff. The combination of biking 97 miles and the sound of the waves crashing onto the beach put us to sleep as soon as we hopped in our tent.

Until next time,

The Lads