A Farewell to Washington (Day 5)

Day 5: Colville, WA - Sandpoint, ID

Distance: 91.39 miles (very specific)

Vertical: 5,016 feet

Biking time: 6:00

Hello everybody!! First off, before I begin the blog post for today I want to give a huge thank you to Nolan Eldridge and his parents Bill and Lori Eldridge for hosting us the last two days and simply being amazingly awesome people!

Currently we are in Sandpoint, Idaho in probably the most beautiful lake cabin I have seen. Thank you so much to Gary and Amy Lammert for hosting us for the night and sharing your beautiful home (and more importantly hot tub, which has been ammmaazzzzinnnnggg).  After the hot tub it was insisted that we tense our muscles back up so they are ready for tomorrows’ ride so he jumped in the FREEZING lake (that was not so amazing).



So, for what you’ve all been waiting for, what type of shenanigans did we get ourselves into today? Well for today’s ride, from Colville, WA to Sandpoint, ID Matt and I were left without our fearless leader, Josh, due to his hand injury. As you all know the hand is a vital part in helping you pedal your bike so Bean was tasked with the exhilarating job of driving the car.

The ride itself started off just fantastically, a strong head wind, because apparently the wind only blows west… but Matt and I fought through it and quickly gained a solid pace to Chewelah were we turned onto Flowery Trail Road and headed up yet another pass. This was definitely the steepest pass we had to climb, not to mention the road was some hybrid between normal asphalt and gravel. Now as much as I hate going uphill being able to fly downhill just might make up for it and I promise mom I’m being safe (kinda).

The sign that means 'you are about to go really really fast for a really really long time'

The sign that means 'you are about to go really really fast for a really really long time'

After the pass we hit basically total flatness all the way to the Washington/Idaho border and I can now officially say that I have biked across the entire state of Washington. After this we continued on Highway 2 to Sandpoint, which was by no means easy, but we managed to keep a solid pace of around 18-22 mph the entire way. It was at the time that we reached Sandpoint that Matt and me both realized we forgot to put on sunscreen and ohhhh man my tan lines are fabulous. As Bean said, apparently, I look like a Napoleon ice cream sandwich. I have never seen a literal line where the tan stops usually it just fades or something. I look ridiculous.

At the border into Idaho

At the border into Idaho

Now onto what I’ve learned over the last couple days of this amazing journey:

  • Any grueling physical activity can be accomplished if you sing to yourself “Just Keep Swimming” for hours on end (basically what I did to get over the Cascades… I forgot to download music)
  • It is possible to be so tired that you forget to hold your bladder (no more detail needed on that one but I swear that I am somewhat potty trained)
  • McDonalds is the post meal of champions, even if it adds 3 miles to your journey.
  • Last, but not least if you are looking for a sure fire way to stay single just go on a bike ride with no sunscreen, the tan lines you’ll get will be sure to keep you that way.

As much as this ride is to help raise money for college aged young adults battling cancer it is also to raise awareness. There are thousands of young adults who are afflicted with cancer every year and some have nowhere to turn to. So as much as we need donations to help make an impact, simply sharing our story and more importantly sharing what the Kyle Charvat Foundation does and how it can help is just as important. To help spread the word to these brave people, in the most difficult battle for their lives, that they are not alone and that there are organizations out there that are ready to help and people who want to aid them is what I dream this ride will accomplish.

Just Keep Swimming!

Nigel Hall