Everything Ends Up Alright (Days 33-34)

Day 33: Rochester, NY – Syracuse, NY

Distance: 95 miles

Vertical: 1,243 feet

Time: 6:00

Day 34: Syracuse, NY – Fort Plain

Distance: 103 miles

Vertical: 535 feet

Time: 5:50


First of all, I would like to apologize to all my dedicated fans (basically just my dad who’s our number one fan girl) for not writing a blog post the other day, I didn’t really have the heart to bum everyone out with how frustrated I was with the world (mostly just the car). If you want an idea what my blog post would have been like you can just go ahead and listen to Trump’s speech during the RNC and get about the same amount of doom and gloom. Okay, maybe not thatttt bad. It was mostly just so frustrating to be on the verge of falling behind after working our butts off to stay on track. But, things have a way of always working out and we managed to stay on track and get the car fixed!

Now fast forward to the morning of day 33, the morning after Matt’s 21st birthday, and I don’t know how, but we both managed to get upset stomachs and headaches. Possibly the common cold or something, I have no idea. The beginning of the ride was rough to say the least. We both were pedaling pretty halfheartedly, just counting down the miles till we were done. Luckily we got a short break after Matt got a flat, which was honestly more of a blessing than anything else, we both needed the break. After this things got a little better, our stomachs settled down a bit and we began to gain some speed. This increase in pace was quickly cut short when Google Maps took us through some dirt paths, which quickly turned into basically a grass field, in which someone had decided to just mow the middle and call it a path. Grass does a pretty good job at hiding pot holes and our wrists and butts were hurting pretty bad by the end of it.

By the time we reached last 8 miles of the ride we were both pretty tired and ready to be done. Luckily for Matt this was the case, as he got another flat and it really wasn’t worth taking the time to fix it that close to the house so I told him I would just finish out the ride (mostly to attempt to make up for all the times I had to stop rides short due to bike problems). Unfortunately for me those last couple miles made up the majority of the vertical gain we would make that day. By the time I was near the top I was so exhausted I somehow missed the turn towards the house and went a couple miles past it. When I finally realized I had passed the house and turned around something not to shocking happened (for the millionth time). Can you guess what?! My spoke broke again… now for those wondering why my spokes keeps breaking even after they’ve been “fixed” is due to the fact that no one seems to have my correct spoke size. So, for the past couple of times we’ve had to get different sized spokes and have the mechanics twist J-spokes into my straight spoke wheels. Obviously this hasn’t been a very permanent fix and we’ve been constantly scouring bike shops for one that has my spokes.

So, for the next morning Matt and I began the quest of trying to find my correct spokes, yet again, and Josh trekked out on his own for the beginning of the ride. And FINALLY that afternoon we managed to find a bike shop that had the right spokes and got my bike good to go again (hopefully for the rest of the trip).Once I finally met up with Josh the rest of the ride flew by and we got to bike past some beautiful areas! We finished the day in Fort Plain and drove to our hotel for the night provided for us by Jen Lauritzen (THANK YOU SO MUCH).

It’s still crazy to think that we are almost done with this trip and I’m honestly beginning to dread the day when we’re done. This journey has been something I’ve constantly looked forward to in the past and I can’t believe it’s almost done. As much as it is amazing to see something like this take off and actually happen it’s also hard to watch something you’ve poured your heart and soul into come to an end. Overall, though, I’m so glad for this experience and the opportunity to share it with two of my best friends. I also want to thank my parents from the bottom of my heart for helping me make this happen. I think I can speak for all of us when I say if it were not for each of our parents this trip would not be possible.

So thank you for everything,

Nigel Hall