2 More Days!!! (Day 36)

Day 36: Fair Haven, VT – Norwich, VT

Distance: 76 miles

Vertical: 2,949 feet

Biking Time: 4:30

I still can’t believe that we are 2 days away from being done with this incredible journey. Although it has been taxing on me physically, not to mention mentally (being around the same people for more than a month does take its toll), I’ll never regret these past weeks. It has been an amazing experience with 2 pretty incredible guys I get to call some of my best friends and I will always cherish the memories I’ve made on this trip.

Now to today’s ride, it started out like any other, but we quickly ran into quite a few hiccups. First off, we realized we were biking with a GoPro without a battery in it, which is kind of useless. We had to call up Josh and have him turn around and get us the battery so we could capture the breathtaking views Vermont had to offer. Now I’ve always believed in karma and today that belief was solidified. When Matt called Josh about the GoPro battery he immediately started teasing Josh about forgetting to put the battery in, yet 20 minutes later Matt got a flat tire and guess what he forgot… spare tubes… Josh quickly had some words for Matt when he was forced to turn around yet again to bring Matt the spare.

The reason for all of Matt’s spares was due to the fact that he had accumulated quite a few rips in his tire that had allowed rocks to get into it and pop the tube when we went over gravel roads. So instead of possibly wasting another tube he decided to just go to a bike shop to get a new one. Lucky me on the other hand was left alone to begin the ascent up our first pass since the Continental Divide, which I was actually pretty excited about. About halfway through the ascent Matt and Josh caught up with me. Unfortunately, the bike shop didn’t have the right tire for Matt’s bike so good ol’ duck tape came to the rescue. Surprisingly the tape job held up for the rest of the ride and we didn’t experience any more flats.

Now, I expected the ascent to continue for quite a while longer when Matt joined back in, but I was almost shocked when a couple miles later I saw a hill warning sign for trucks followed by the pass sign. I was almost annoyed at how easy the pass was, believe it or not I was pretty excited for a day of climbing. This annoyance was quickly swept away when we began our descent and man I have missed descending a pass. There’s nothing quite like being able to go 40 MPH without even touching your pedals. There were parts of the descent where I even began catching up to cars on the road it was crazy, exhilarating, and a little scary because like Matt said, if we make a little mistake and fall we’re becoming one with the pavement pretty quickly. But, hey we’re in college and invincible right? I even managed to finally beat Matt’s speed record of 45 and went 47.8 MPH, so close to 50!

What a cute pass, awwww 

What a cute pass, awwww 

The rest of the ride was amazing; Vermont may be my favorite state we’ve been able to ride through. It is just beautiful, no other way to describe it, and God I have missed the mountains. It’s crazy to think we haven’t seen any since the Rocky’s! The only downside to today was the fact that I managed to get lost yet again thanks to Google maps and went 5 unnecessary miles into a headwind… and the last part of the ride was basically like riding up a cliff… no road should ever be that steep. All in all it was a great day and we were able to end it at the place where Theta Chi was founded, which was a damn cool feeling to for one, be there, and two say that we biked there.

2 more days and this trip will be something of the past. 2 more days and I’ll finally be able to sleep in as long as I want. 2 more days and my butt may finally stop being sore. As much as I am glad to be concluding this ride it’s still hard to think that it will be over. It’s become so engrained into my everyday habits, it will honestly be weird to go back to what was once normal. It’s almost scary to go back to “normal”, but if this trip has taught me anything it’s that you are in charge of where your life goes, so here’s to continuing to make my life un-normal and pursuing the next adventure.

See you all back in Seattle soon,

Nigel Hall