I spy a... tree... what?! (Day 15)

Day 15: Dickinson, ND - Bismarck, ND 

Distance: 106 miles

Vertical: 1850 

Biking Time: 6:20

Today has been one hell of a day. First of all, on a good note, you are now reading the blog of basically, at a minimum, B-list celebrities. In fact we may have to start charging a subscription fee for this. For those that are wondering what I'm talking about we were featured on Dickinson's nightly news tonight after an interview this morning and got a shoutout on the Jesse Versus Cancer podcast! On one of our quick rest stops a guy even drove by and asked if we were the guys on the news. So, yea like B+ celebs right here. 

Anyways, after our interview, Oprah if you want one too you can call anytime, we hit the road in Dickinson and started across the North Dakota countryside. North Dakota why do you have to ruin everything? While in Eastern Montana we came up with hundreds of jokes about how crappy ND was going to be and what are we met with when we get here? Probably one of the coolest national parks I have seen and honestly North Dakota has not been that bad at all. Bismarck is a cool city, they have tractors driving around that's pretty neat, and the countryside itself is actually very pretty. We spent most of the ride off the interstate too on Old Highway 10 which was way less stressful than being on I-94. There was probably 10 cars, max, that drove past us, it was basically our own personal bike path. Now, Eastern Montana can take a note or two from North Dakota because almost 75% of the reason they're so much prettier is the fact that trees actually exist here... plant some trees Montana, not that hard. Not to rag too much on Eastern Montana, but they did have a city which was only known for being the mosquito capital of the world. The one redeeming quality about that side of the state would have to be the people that lived there who are some of the most generous, most hospitable people we have met. Again we could not do this trip without the generosity of people taking us into their homes! 

North Dakota's Painted Canyons which were beautiful to say the least 

North Dakota's Painted Canyons which were beautiful to say the least 

This ride probably would have been one of my favorite, and easiest, rides of the trip, but that wouldn't be the case because my bike hates me. After exploding my tire the other day (yes literally my tire exploded) and getting that fixed, by bike decided to mess with me some more and around 75 miles into the ride my spoke broke. The two things we were told that probably would never happen have both happened to me. So fingers crossed that after getting my spoke fixed we can continue the journey without a hitch. 

Throwing our dubs up in the capital of North Dakota

Throwing our dubs up in the capital of North Dakota

Your favorite B+ celebrity 

Nigel Hall