The 2016 Cycle for Charvat

Learning about Kyle Charvat's story is nothing short of inspiring. Learning that it happened in the organization and house that you are now a part of is even more amazing. Every brother upon joining the Alpha Rho chapter of Theta Chi fraternity learns about Kyle's story. It touches every brother who learns about it by demonstrating the love and brotherhood that a fraternity can cultivate. It especially inspired brothers Josh Bean, Matt Gaylor, and Nigel Hall who each have had family encounters with cancer. They decided that it was their responsibility as current undergrads of the chapter to do their part in carrying on Kyle's legacy. Thus the idea for the Cycle for Charvat was born.

On June 20th the trio departed from Anacortes, WA with the mission of reaching Boston, MA in less than 40 days. 38 days after splashing their back tires in the Pacific Ocean Josh, Matt, and Nigel dipped their front ends of their bikes into the Atlantic, 3,571 miles from home. By the time they got back to Seattle, the guys had raised $27,000 for the Kyle Charvat Foundation and were eager to get back on their bikes and continue Kyle's legacy.