“The calm before the storm”

The day before the ride and everyone is excited and nervous at the same time. 6 months in the making, starting with 12 bikers wanting to ride, but at the end coming up with 6. We want to give thanks to our Theta chi alumni with their willingness to help, as well as, providing us with money for the trip.

Cesar has already taken out his phone to record the start of the trip. Be ready to see some clips on YouTube.

On our way to pick up the support vehicle we found out that if we opened the side door of the van the doors would fall off. The bike ride hasn’t started and it’s already testing us. Nonetheless thank you to the family of Milan for letting us use the van for support during the ride.

During our shopping at Costco we were all excited about getting some pizza but were disappointed that we couldn’t buy an entire box. Yet another obstacle in front of us and the ride hasn’t begun. Cesar, during this time, may have said something that can’t be topped for the rest of the ride, “screw space dust, I want an Elysian”

After getting everything we needed it’s time to rest and be ready to wake up at 4 A.M. to leave at 5 A.M. wish us luck we have 120 miles the first day.

Getting excited for the ride!

Getting excited for the ride!