Day One: A buck twenty

Departure day finally arrived and the lads realized they actually had to back the promise to ride a bike for 900 miles.

As per usual, everyone made sure to get two whole hours of sleep before the longest ride of the trip - 120 miles. Quick shout out to Thien and Ricky for playing wholesome and gentle music throughout the night.

We left Theta Chi 45 minutes late at 5:45 AM, made our way out of Seattle riding south. We accidentally ran onto a beautiful bike trail that allowed us to avoid traffic. Winding through golden wheat fields and forested areas, we finally had a good pace going - allowing us to make up lost time in the city.

However, our soon to be Olympic Athlete Gabe Gagnon (Gibby) was unable to notice the vibrant red warning stripes painted to indicate large ass bumps in the trail. Cesar, for some reason, decided to stop recording on his GoPro minutes before Gibby hit his bike’s ejector seat on the trail bumps, swan-diving right over his handle bars. He managed to somersault into the present foliage and steel guard rail. Gibby sat there contemplating life, the bike ride, and the condition of his underwear - 12 miles into the days ride. Luckily, he was “unharmed” and actually tried to ride again - but we put him in timeout until lunch to make sure he was alright. We’re definitely calling the Olympic Synchronized Diving Team tomorrow though.

Cesar, Milan, Luis, and David pushed forward trying to chew through the miles while Luke got a good ankle workout driving the mini van for the day (again, with side doors that fall on the ground if you open them). Eventually, Luis decided to go full speed into the corner of a railroad track, exploding his tube. As we were changing the tire, David noticed Luis’ front brake was out of alignment and stopping his wheel from freely turning. Adjusting the brake, David asked Luis if he knew about this - Luis said he had in-fact known about it for the entire 70 mile ride. “It helps me stop better.” We see he still hasn’t learned how to ride a bike since last year’s trip

We made it to Yelm, Washington 15 miles later and 70 miles into the day. We stopped for lunch in a gazebo and ate sandwiches and chips. Soon after, we had an interesting encounter with The Infinity Toilet, an ever-flushing abyss that consumes anything and everything without hesitation. We are convinced this contraption consumes 70% of the city water resources. We probs should let someone know. Yelm is now immortalized to us, and we plan to visit the toilet again someday.

We hopped on the trail with Gabe joining us again, headed for this town near Great Wolf Lodge. We didn’t remember the town, because Great Wolf is cooler.

Eventually, we made it to Lewis and Clark State Park. Little did we know, Luis accidentally reserved a camp site at Lewis and Clark Trail State park - on the complete other side of Washington. Once again, this man reminds us to never expect much. The park ranger gave us a free spot in the equestrian camping area - ending with us setting up our tents next to a 5 foot box of horse crap.

Currently trying to find a way to cook our hot dogs without using fires, because they are banned.