Day Three: Between a rock and a hard place

Alarms were set for 6 AM and Cesar awoke at his usual 7 AM because it was too cold for him to get out of his blankets. The day was off to a slow start for sure. Another drawback that kept us at the campsite was the urgent need by everyone to take multiple (yes, literally multiple) emergency dumps from the previous nights loaded Seattle Dawgs (cream cheese filled Costco Polish sausages). Nonetheless, we left the site at 7:45 and had a smooth non-stop ride to Canon Beach. The only obstacle we encountered was the freezing cold fog that wrapped around the coast. At one point, Milan didn’t know whether his bike was shaking or he was shivering, but we carried on to the scenic destination.

As we arrived, we had quick stroll along the sandy beach and took a nice picture near a large sand castle and called it our own, but it was definitely built by a 12 year-old future SpaceX engineer. After asking a couple to take our picture in front of that giant rock everyone somehow knows is at Canon beach, we left swiftly and made it back to the fog. Almost immediately, Highway 101 took us to the base of Mount Neahkahnie where we climbed a demoralizing 1,600 feet to summit. We were all truly thankful for the haze that covered the cliff side because Cesar probably would have had a panic attack as we rode along its edge (no heights for him). However, the boys spirits were lifted as we read the meaning behind the name which translates to “the place of God” in Tillamook (the language).

Loving the fog!

Loving the fog!

After driving for about 45 minutes on the 101, David glanced over at the Tillamook creamery. To his surprise, he spotted 5 boys in purple jerseys with bikes next to them, sitting at the front entrance chowing down on some gelato. He pulled into the buzzing parking lot only to find that Cesar and Gabe had gone fanboy for Tillamook and told the boys to pull over so they could buy mugs and creamy delights as souvenirs. While this happened, Milan “Popov” Kassa sat by his bike, being questioned by a homeless man 2 feet to his left. He ended up giving Milan advice for the next time he went to a casino but Milan disregarded it rightfully.

Next, we met up with Momma Dave only to find a picnic table garnished with sandwich-making paraphernalia and home-made spicy tuna. The only thing more adorable than his preparation was the bathroom at this rest-stop. In Milan’s words, “Yo guys, that’s a cute bathroom.”

The last thirty miles consisted of: the boys almost getting rear-ended by a hauling tractor on the shoulder of the highway, a bounty of cows and goats that provided an afternoon of not so fresh air, and Luis heckling Luke for going too slow in the front of the peloton. For context, Luke had been taking the brunt of the wind for quite some time so the guys behind him could coast easier. After a few minutes of Luis’ barking, Luke turned around, stared him down, and screamed in the wind “YEAH!?? THEN WHICH OF YOU F*$!%RS IS GOING TO BREAK THE WIND FOR US?”

We finally arrived at camp, and decided to check tomorrow’s route and elevation gain. Let’s just say that wasn’t a good idea. Join us tomorrow as we tackle 4500 FRICKEN feet of elevation over 97 miles of literal hell. Yay.


Oh, and also, Milan once again fell straight down going a blazing zero miles per hour on his bike upon arriving to the campsite.

Catch ya guys later.