Day Five: Wednesday’s Pain

Let’s get straight to the point; today was the lowest of lows. After encountering a myriad of unfortunate events, we all felt doubtful, frustrated, and despondent. This is how our day went:

Waking up at our regular 5 o’clock schedule, we were greeted with cold winds and misty fog. This wasn’t anything new to us so we pushed on. Our first 20 miles were very uncomfortable because the breeze from the ocean persisted. To further explain, our toes and fingers were numb within twenty minutes and the lingering pain brought thoughts of frost bite which kept us worried.

In the meantime, Luis and David traveled to the nearby bike shop to fix up David’s broken wheel spoke. The whole process took almost two hours because the bike shop was backed up, and the bike had to be completely reassembled since we took it apart to fit it in the van. Meanwhile, Luke was feeling lots of pain in both his knees, eventually making it imperative for him to jump into the van and for David to ride. When the biking boys made it to the bike shop, everyone had to wait until David’s wheel was fixed and he could reassemble the bike. As a result, the entire ride was slowed down a couple hours, frustrating us and putting us all on edge. 

The day became darker and chillier as we pushed onwards, 70 miles out and hours behind schedule. To make matters worse, the group accidentally split apart and due to lack of cellphone service and miscommunication on the route taken. All in all, one group waited for the other on the highway for about 45 minutes. This sucked because we felt exhausted from waiting around as our muscles cooled down and stiffened. When everybody was back together, tension was among the team which led to arguments and bad chemistry.

Things only worsened when around 5 pm, Milan biked over a sharp seashell that popped his tire and stopped the ride once again. After 15 minutes of struggling to replace the tube, we came to a conclusion the tube itself was faulty. Consequently, Milan called up driver Luis to grab him while in the meantime David, Cesar, and Gabe carried on.

Ten minutes later, the worst incident of the day happened when David looked back to check for any cars and inadvertently steered his bike in the same direction. Losing control of his bike, David dove into the thorny ditch, and was launched into the barbed wired fence. Cesar and Gabe rushed to David, who was emotionally in shock, to find him injured undoubtedly. With cuts along his arm and a severe slice on his upper leg, the group helped him out of his tangle and consoled him. The wounds progressed in intensity making it essential for Luis, who arrived momentarily, to take David to the E.R and have Milan ride David’s bike.

Although experiencing lots of pain, David thankfully felt fine after a stitch up at the nearby hospital.

Today’s bike ride was painful. A ride that began uncomfortable, proceeded to anger and create bitterness within the group, and ended with a friend getting hurt. It was for sure a day nobody enjoyed. However, the ride didn’t end after David’s crash occurred. An event that brought everyone down was able to bring the group together and help us finish the miserable last stretch. The relationships amongst us improved as we realized how we care for each other and are always looking after one another. In addition to all this, while Luis prepared to drive David to the nearby hospital, he mentioned that today generated the most donations, surpassing $1,000. The idea that we truly are blessed to be physically capable to ride from one city to another surfaced and created appreciation amongst us all. We are reminded this ride isn’t about being a fast biker, or being exceptional as individuals. It’s about something bigger than just us. As cliché as all this may sound, this is how we are all feeling right now sitting around this campfire.

Today’s post is sobering because it opened up our eyes, showing us what truly matters. Catch you tomorrow as we enjoy our first and only day off. Thank you for all those who are following the blog as it is nice to know there is someone listening.