Day Seven: Lakeside camping

Day seven started a little slower than usual because we only had to bike 52 miles with 5300 feet of elevation gain the whole day. Milan and David were driving Rex for the day. 

The boys left at around 7:00 AM and saw no trouble for the first 30 miles. The only hindrance before lunch was a 1200 ft climb that never really warmed the guys up because it was so cold outside. After about two hours, the biker boys met with Rex in a town called Klamath for some Kirkland brand seasoned roast beef sammies (if I’m describing the meat that went into our sandwiches, you should be able to infer how eventful our day was). Cesar as usual put a disgusting amount of mayonnaise topped with sriracha on his sandwich.

After lunch the boys parted ways with Highway 101 for about 20 miles to travel on a slow winding highway through the Redwood National Forest. Milan and David parked halfway through the highway and made coffee out of the back of the van, pretty much in the middle of the forest. They connected with their inner PNW spirit as they sat sipping hot coffee, appreciating the trees. “These are some of the biggest organisms planet earth has to offer.” They talked biology for quite some time.

After about 45 minutes of tree hugging, Milan and David became suspicious of the biker boys because they should’ve passed by. They turned Rex around to see if they could find them on along the highway. Sure enough, within ten minutes the biker boys turned up, chugging slowly up the hills along the highway. They’d accidentally missed a turn that lead to the highway, having to double back.

After that hiccup it was smooth sailing until about seven miles away from the campsite. The reason being that we didn’t even have a campsite, and didn’t really know where we were camping. Luis had directed us to Humboldt State Park, but when Milan and David arrived, all they saw was a beach with a bunch of no camping signs. They then investigated the RV park about half a mile away from their location, which yielded no reservations either. Finally, after about an hour of searching at various county parks, Luis and the biker boys showed up right after David called the county park officials.

“Luis, the campground you directed us to has been closed indefinitely for the past five years…” #godsferdomma (by this time, Milan and David had overused Luke’s Dutch word ‘godsferdomma’ that they decided it was an official trip hashtag)

We fired Rex up and trotted to the only campground the county ranger said was first come first serve in the entire area in order to salvage the camping situation. They boys arrived at the campground only to find the most beautiful, secluded, lake-side campsite they’d seen all day. They relayed the message to the rest of the crew that Big Lagoon County Park was the place to be, seven miles south. Within an hour everyone was together and we could finally relax and spread out.

Climibing the waterfront!

Climibing the waterfront!

After devouring at bag of Doritos in about two minutes, four guys decided to hit the beach located a quarter mile away from the site. The beach was absolutely stunning during the golden hour. We played soccer, took videos, laid in the sand and zoned out as the eight-foot waves crashed continuously. It was a truly wonderful, California-esk evening.  When everyone returned, Milan taught the boys a card game he plays with his family called “Vanishing Bridge.” It was so fun we ended up playing a little too late for our 5:00 AM wakeup time.

Scenic Views.

Scenic Views.

If this post seemed bland, that’s because it was. Literally nothing crazy happened today. It was slow going, relaxing, and mindless. Sometimes that’s exactly the kind of day you need, especially when the van you’re living out of is starting so smell like butt cheese and dirty socks. It’s getting pretty smoky out here, so let’s see how tomorrow goes. Catch you later.